Sediment Management - Introduction

Delisting the St. Clair River as an area of concern under the Canada-US Great Lakes Water Quality Agreement is the ultimate goal of Ontario, Canada, local industry and other stakeholders.  

Managing and cleaning up contaminated sediment was a high priority action item in the Area of Concern. In 2007, the Canadian Remedial Action Plan (RAP) Implementation Committee (CRIC) requested the St. Clair River Sediment Technical Committee to assess the sediment contamination in an area just upstream of the Dow-Suncor property line and extending to the southern tip of Stag Island.

An assessment and identification of priority areas were established (Phase 1) . This work was carried out as part of the Canada-Ontario Agreement (COA) framework to assess contaminated sediment.  

Together with Ontario and in consultation with local stakeholders and residents, Canada will develop a sediment management strategy for the site. The clean-up project is expected to begin 2014 and be completed by 2017.

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