Conservation Scholarships

The Conservation Scholarship program rewards graduating high school students continuing their post-secondary studies in a conservation-related field based on their academic achievement and their demonstrated interest and involvement with the environment. Three trust funds administered by the St. Clair Region Conservation Foundation, supports these scholarships: Tony Stranak Conservation Scholarship, A.W. Campbell Memorial Scholarship, and the Mary Jo Arnold Conservation Scholarship.

Lisa Pokrajac, St. Clair Secondary School
Barbara Casier, Wallaceburg District Secondary School

Nellie Couto, Strathroy District Collegiate Institute
Nancy Jones, Northern Collegiate Institute
Sue-Ann Cudmore, Lambton Kent Secondary School

Melanie Lewis, Strathroy District Collegiate Institute
Kimberley Getty, St. Clair Secondary School
Kirsty Dickson, Lambton Kent Composite School

Janet Joynt, Strathroy District Collegiate Institute
Robin White, Northern Collegiate Institute
Kathy McEachern, Lambton Central Collegiate and Vocational Institute

Mellissa Gough, Strathroy District Collegiate Institute
Steve Schmidt, Northern Collegiate Institute
Deborah Diebel, Lambton Kent Composite School

Leslie Morris, Glencoe District High School
Kerry Loten, St. Clair Secondary School
Sandra Mezenberg, Lambton Kent Composite School

Susan Evans, Strathroy District Collegiate Institute
Blair West, Northern Collegiate Institute
Brad Baker, Lambton Kent Composite School

Christa Fisher, Strathroy District Collegiate Institute
Rachel McGuiness, Northern Collegiate Institute
Trevor Eves, Lambton Kent Composite School

Sherri Flegel, Strathroy District Collegiate Institute
Aubrey Bechard, Lambton Kent Composite School

Sara Thompson, Strathroy District Collegiate Institute
Mary Lee Wainwright, Wallaceburg District Secondary School

Jessica Henderson, Sarnia Collegiate Institute and Technical School
Laura Smale, Lambton Central Collegiate and Vocational Institute
Joel Bakker, Strathroy District Collegiate Institute

Thomas Ian Walters, Northern Collegiate Institute

Sheila Buttery, Strathroy District Collegiate Institute

Andrew Chisholm, Glencoe District High School

Jacelyne Drapeau, St. Christopher Secondary School
Darcy Higgins, St. Patrick’s High School

Kristin Lennan, Northern Collegiate Institute
Jenni Vanos, North Lambton Secondary School
Bill Trenouth, North Lambton Secondary School
Kevin Bloxam, St. Clair Secondary School

Katie Garrett, Lambton Central Collegiate and Vocational Institute
Keith Jay, Lambton Central Collegiate and Vocational Institute
Emily Santander, Strathroy District Collegiate Institute
Lance Tugwell, Strathroy District Collegiate Institute

Dave George, St. Christopher Secondary School
Terri Willert, Sarnia Collegiate Institute and Technical School
Ian Farr, Holy Cross Secondary School
Gillian Labonte, Holy Cross Secondary School
Carrie MacLean, Strathroy District Collegiate Institute
Jamie Kingswood, St. Clair Secondary School

Justin Nicol,Lambton Central Collegiate Institute & Vocational Institute
Scott Odorizzi, North Lambton Secondary School
Ayla Charrington, Lambton Kent Composite School
Travis Cranmer, St. Clair Secondary School
Katie Scheck, Northern Collegiate Institute

Philip Grover,North Lambton Secondary School
Craig Schritt, Strathroy and District Collegiate Institute
Stacey Broad, Lambton Kent Composite School
Amy Kuenzig, St. Patrick’s High School
Susan McCormick, Lambton Central Collegiate and Vocational Institute
Stefan Ivanski, Strathroy District Collegiate Institute

Felicia Syer, Lambton Central Collegiate Institute and Vocational Institute
Nicole Robbins, Northern Collegiate Institute
Joshua Deline, Lambton Kent Composite School
Sarah Campbell, Glencoe District High School
Brad Jennings, Holy Cross Secondary School
Kevin McGregor, Holy Cross Secondary School

Allanah Vokes, Lambton Central Collegiate Institute and Vocational Institute
Caitlyn Weir, Strathroy and District Collegiate Institute
Stipe Vicente Jelovcic, St. Patrick’s High School
Allison Taziar, Lambton Kent Composite School

Cori Charlton, Strathroy and District Collegiate Institute
Abby McKelvie, Northern Collegiate Institute
Jessica Slaughter, Strathroy District Collegiate Institute
Sarah Taylor, Sarnia Collegiate Institute and Technical School
Kirsten Grant, St. Clair Secondary School
Laura Girard, Strathroy District Collegiate Institute

Erinn Lee, Wallaceburg District Secondary School
Shelby Campbell, Strathroy and District Collegiate Institute
Lidia Ritchie, Lambton Kent Composite School
Carly Van Daele, Lambton Central Collegiate and Vocational Institute
Craig Curragh, Lambton Central Collegiate and Vocational Institute

Laura Williams, North Lambton Secondary School
Derek Bulsink, Ursline College
Ian Van Arkel, Lambton Kent Composite School
Jordan Henry, St. Christopher Secondary School
Kurtis Smith, Northern Collegiate Institute & Vocational School.

Devan Spradbrow, St. Clair Secondary School
Erich Maxfield, St. Clair Secondary School
Lindsey Boere, Holy Cross Catholic Secondary School
Emily Marchand, Lambton-Kent Composite School

Dylan Henry, St. Clair Secondary School
Kyle Cornelissen, North Lambton Secondary School
Katia Huszka, Ursuline College

Jared Vanrabaeys, Lambton Kent Composite School
Emily Glasgow, Lambton Kent Composite School
Jaime Dimillo, St. Patrick’s High School
Kurtis Minielly, North Lambton Secondary School